Delong America is proud to be exhibiting the LVEM25 at the 107th annual USCAP meeting in Vancouver BC. The LVEM25 will be on display for three days (March 19 - 21) at Booth #825. Live demonstrations will be held daily.
14 December 2017
The division of chemistry at Franklin & Marshall College now have the added power of the LVEM25 to aid them in their research involving photovoltaics.
2 January 2018
Roche Diagnostics GmbH are using their newly installed LVEM25 system to help bring new medical care products to market.
19 December 2017
A new video has been uploaded to our Videos page of an interview with Microscopy & Analysis at the M&M2015 meeting discussing the new LVEM25 Compact TEM
5 April 2017