New more powerful LVEM25 benchtop Electron Microscope

Delong America is proud to announce the international release of the new model LVEM25 compact electron microscope. Built on the same miniature and easy to use platform as the widely used LVEM5 benchtop TEM, the LVEM25 is the most powerful desktop electron microscope. The LVEM25’s variable voltage (10-25kV) and high resolution imaging capabilities make it a true competitor to a full sized TEM. The LVEM25 is able to work with biological and polymer thin sections that are prepared by standard procedures for conventional TEM and is well suited for applications in virology and pathology as well as nanomaterial research.
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The LVEM25 is the next generation of electron microscope, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience.

The clever build of the LVEM5 is its compact, truly desktop design. It can accommodate up to 3 imagining modes (TEM, STEM, and electron diffraction) and allows for effortless transitioning between modes. The operations of the LVEM25 are straightforward, and routine procedures such as column alignment don't require unreasonable effort and time. Downtime is further minimized by quick sample exchange.

LVEM25 example image kidney                      LVEM25 example virus

Key Features;

LVEM25 Low Voltage Electron Microscope

·      Most powerful benchtop transmission electron microscope
·      Combines transmission TEM and STEM modes
·      Operates with variable low accelerating voltage (10-25 kV) which brings enhanced contrast on light elements
·      Resolving power down to 1.0 nm
·      Imaging possible both with and without staining
·      Simple to operate and maintain
·      Small installation space, with no special power or cooling requirements
·      The LVEM25 can be installed in an ordinary lab. It can be supplied even be setup as a mobile workstation
·      Specimen tilt holder available

Delong continues to explore the benefits of low voltage-high contrast imaging in both material science and life science applications. This combined with the small size and ease of use of our instruments is certainly the reason that benchtop electron microscopes from Delong are poised to propel your research to new levels of excellence. 

For more details please visit the refreshed LVEM25 Benchtop TEM website and feel free to send us any comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

         LVEM25 Brochure
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