New LVEM Brochures

We are excited to introduce the new brochures for the LVEM 5 and LVEM 25 electron microscopes. You can find the new brochures in the relevant Library sections of our website, and you can download them right here

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Low Voltage Electron Microscope

Fast • Compact • Powerful

The LVEM 25 produces images with unmatched contrast from your conventionally prepared samples. Three powerful imaging modes are available in a single compact instrument. Switching between imaging modes is done easily via operating software, providing quick image collection of the same region of interest in TEM, STEM and ED modes.

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Benchtop Low Voltage Electron Microscope

Nanoscale from your Benchtop

The LVEM 5 seamlessly combines 4 different imaging functionalities into one benchtop instrument, so samples no longer need to be displaced from one microscope to another. Furthermore, switching between imaging modes is easy, with the click of a button the same area of interest of a sample can be imaged in TEM, SEM and STEM modes.