New Holders - Tilt Holder & AFM Tip Holder

Delong is proud to announce 2 new accessories for the LVEM5.

Tilt Holder

The tilt holder is capable of ±22.5° of tilt, or a total of 30° of tilt. This holder is compatible with all Imaging modes (TEM, SEM & STEM). It can be used for Electron Tomography or Photogrammetry to obtain detailed 3D structures from 2D images.

For more details please visit the new Tilt Holder Page on our website.

AFM Tip Holder

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) relies on a cantilever with a sharp tip (probe) that is used to scan the surface of a sample. AFM tips generally have a radius of curvature of around a few nanometers. With the addition of the new AFM tip Holder, The LVEM5 is now capable of accepting AFM tips as samples. Tip shape and sharpness can easily be measured in both TEM and SEM modes. This versatility, paired with rapid sample exchange, is a strong advantage for quality assurance inspection associated with the production of AFM probes.

For more details please visit the new AFM Tip Holder Page on our website.

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