LVEM5 installed at Universidad Federal De Pernambuco

LVEM5 installed at Universidad Federal De Pernambuco
Universidad Federal De Pernambuco has selected the LVEM5 Benchtop electron microscope to add to its research instrumentation. The microscope was installed in the Chemistry department.

The microscope will be used in the preparation of new materials, such as Crystalline Materials (networks of coordination) and amorphous (carbon, polymers),  for applications ranging from energy (hydrogen storage, batteries), environment (detection and removal of contaminants), catalysis, separations. 

The LVEM5 is the only desktop TEM on the market. The LVEM5 is also capable of preforming electron diffraction. The LVEM5 is capable of 1.2nm resolution in TEM mode.

The LVEM5 benefits from a 5kv electron source that means that you can visualize light weight materials such as biological tissue without the need for heavy metal stains. This is a huge advantage for users who want to get a greater understanding of their materials, and not their stain.
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