LVEM5 installed at the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna Department of Physics and Nanostructured Materials has selected the LVEM5 Low voltage TEM to be added to their research instrumentation. The Low voltage imaging capabilities of the LVEM5 will give the team much needed contrast when imaging graphene. The LVEM5 is capable of imaging in TEM, SEM and STEM modes.  The group hopes to leverage this wide flexibility to help advance their diversified research.

University of Vienna

The remarkable developments in electron microscopy over the past few years, in particular the  reduction of electron energies, have enabled the direct imaging of the exact atomic structure even in materials made of light elements and of low dimensionality. We can now study these materials with unprecedented precision and follow dynamic processes in in-situ experiments. Exploring new avenues in this direction is one part of our research focus.

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University of Vienna - Research Group Physics of Nanostructured Materials Faculty of Physics

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