LVEM5 Installed at the University of Manchester - Chemistry Department

We are excited to announce that a LVEM5 benchtop electron microscope, with TEM SEM and STEM imaging modes, has recently been installed at the University of Manchester in the UK. Dr. Paul O’Brien’s Research group will be using the LVEM5 to enhance their research of various nanomaterials.

Examples of materials

  1. Nanoparticles/nanocrystals of semiconductors and metals
  2. Conducting polymers and polymer thin films
  3. Graphene
  4. Zeolites
  5. Carbon nanotubes

Dr. O’Brien’s research interests are mainly concerned with semiconducting nanomaterial and span interfacial areas of chemistry and materials science. The group is actively involved in precursor design and synthesis, Chemical vapour depositions, Chemical bath depositions, single source approaches to nanocrystals and interfacial deposition. Please see the POB Research Group’s website for more information.

Research Groups Website: (Click Here)

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