LVEM5 installed at Perm State University

LVEM5 installed at Perm State University
Perm State University in Perm, Russian Federation, has selected the LVEM5 Low voltage TEM to add to its research instrumentation. The microscope was installed in the physics department, in the Research Center headed by Dr. Lunegov.
Perm State University was founded in October, 1916. Perm State University has been acting as a State Higher Educational Institution according to the legislation of Russia since 1917. Today, nearly one hundred years later, the University has the status of a National Research University and is one of the leading universities in Russia.

The LVEM5 electron microscope will be used for experimental research in heterogeneous nanocrystalline assemblies, their stability and thermomechanical processing. It will also be used in joint research with the chemistry department for research in polymer materials and polymer-based composites with nanoparticulate or nanotube reinforcements.

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Perm University LVEM5

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