LVEM5 installed at Peking University Third Hospital - Neurology Department

LVEM5 installed at Peking University Third Hospital - Neurology Department
The Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing, China, has selected the LVEM5 Low voltage TEM to be added to their Neurology Department. The Low voltage imaging capabilities of the LVEM5 will give the team much needed contrast when imaging thin sections of muscle and nerve tissue.
Peking University Third Hospital is one of the country's most modern hospitals, founded in 1958,and provides a high level of health care, teaching, research and preventive health care. Formerly known as the Beijing Medical University, Peking University Department of Medicine within the Peking University Third Hospital, has a strong foundation for medical research, and is one of the country's top medical research institutions.

The University purchased the ultra-compact LVEM5 TEM mainly hoping the low voltage and fast and convenient features, will better meet their medical and scientific requirements.

The LVEM5 is currently the world's only low-voltage transmission electron microscope. Conventional TEM accelerating voltage is generally around 100kV, while the LVEM5 operates at only 5kV. This characteristic is such that, without heavy metal staining, the LVEM5 can directly observe biological samples, thereby avoiding the distortion of the sample caused by heavy metal staining reaction of the real sample topography. This is particularly important for medical research.

The  LVEM5 is currently the world's only compact transmission electron microscope, the size is similar to an ordinary optical microscope, and it can be placed on an ordinary desk. It requires minimal maintenance and is exceptionally easy to use. This makes the LVEM5 very suitable for non-professional researchers in electron microscope use and rapid analysis of samples.

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LVEM5 installed at Peking University Third Hospital (Chinese)

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