LVEM5 Desktop TEM Used by Students at Lehigh University to Image Phages

Undergraduate biology students at Lehigh University are using the LVEM5 to evaluate bacteriophages obtained from local soil samples. Starting with a tube of dirt collected from a location of their choice, each student underwent the process of isolating and purifying their bacteriophages from plaques on bacterial lawns. Plaques were selected and purified by repeated plating and observation.

From their final isolate, each student prepared a high titer lysate containing more than 108 bacteriophage per milliliter. 10ul of this lysate was deposited directly onto a 400 mesh copper grid containing holey carbon coated with an ultrathin carbon film. The grids were then washed twice with water before applying a 2% ammonium molybdate stain. Phage images were used to determine which phages would be selected for further study in TEM mode on the LVEM5 electron microscope.

" This is really working out very well so far – the students are always absolutely amazed when they get to finally see what they have been isolating for the past month. "

Lee Graham

Lee Graham
Laboratory Technician
Lehigh University
Department of Biological Sciences


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                                                               Selected Student Images 

Lehigh TEM Phage Image 1 Lehigh TEM Phage Image 2 Lehigh TEM Phage Image 3
Lehigh TEM Phage Image 4 Lehigh TEM Phage Image 5 Lehigh TEM Phage Image 6


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