The LVEM5 electron microscope can be used in combination with the optional AFM tip holder to image most AFM tips. This is a rapid technique for obtaining detailed information on the quality and design of your AFM tips. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) relies on a cantilever with a sharp tip (probe) that is used to scan the surface of a sample. AFM tips generally have a radius of curvature of around a few nanometers.

When the tip approaches the sample surface, forces between the tip and the sample lead to a deflection of the cantilever. Forces that can be measured include; mechanical contact force, van der Waals forces, capillary forces, chemical bonding, electrostatic forces, and magnetic forces, among others. The nature of the AFM probe determines the forces that will be measured, as well as the microscopes final sensitivity.

Tip shape and sharpness can easily be measured in both TEM and SEM modes. This versatility, paired with rapid sample exchange, is a strong advantage for quality assurance inspection associated with the production of AFM probes.

Custom AFM tips, such as chemically and biologically coated AFM tips, or AFM tips with particle attachments, such as nanoparticles or ligands, can be effortlessly imaged. Additionally, the low voltage imaging provided by the LVEM5 allows for significantly higher contrast of any soft materials (polymers, biologic materials) used to functionalize AFM tips.

Key Specifications
Maximum substrate size 4.0mm x 2.0mm x 0.45mm
Compatible with TEM and SEM


LVEM5 AFM tip holder SEM 02
LVEM5 AFM tip holder SEM 03


LVEM5 AFM tip holder TEM 01
LVEM5 AFM tip holder TEM 02
LVEM5 AFM tip holder TEM 03