Nanogels are gaining momentum in the field of pharmaceuticals due to their characteristic ability to carry important molecules like drugs, biomolecules and imaging agents with a high degree of reliability. Read on to find out more...
21 November 2017
We say farewell to a great man of science. Professor Armin Delong was a world-renowned physicist, brilliant scientist and long time director of the Institute of Instrumentation of the Czechoslovak Academy of sciences in Brno. The founder of Delong will be greatly missed.
15 January 2018
The existence of pollen for some is seen only as a nuisance, but the study of pollen has become a full blown field in its own right known as Palynology. Read on to see what kind of interesting and unexpected studies are being done with pollen.
21 November 2017
Most people know that green tea is good for you, but its potential in the battle against cancer could surprise you. Read on to learn more about the research being done with this mighty tea leaf.
21 November 2017
The Natural Sciences Center at Bowie State University have installed the LVEM5 as part of their research instrumentation.
2 January 2018
The chemistry department at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica Del Peru have added the LVEM5 as part of their research instrumentation.
2 January 2018
Delong America is proud to present the LVEM5 at this year's ACS spring meeting held in New Orleans, LA from March 18 - 20. Live demonstrations of the low voltage microscope will be held daily at Booth #620.
15 December 2017
Delong America is proud to be exhibiting the LVEM5 at Pittcon's 2018 conference and exposition February 27 to March 1, booth 3463. Live demonstrations will be offered everyday.
3 January 2018
Delong America is proud to be exhibiting the LVEM25 at the 107th annual USCAP meeting in Vancouver BC. The LVEM25 will be on display for three days (March 19 - 21) at Booth #825. Live demonstrations will be held daily.
14 December 2017
21 November 2017 ENTOX LVEM5
A recent article published in the journal of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, detailing work carried out in the lab of Emile Pelletier of Université du Québec à Rimouski, has expanded on research being done on the environmental effects of nanosilver particles..
23 June 2017