LVEM installed in Howard University's NanoExpress mobile laboratory

The ability to install the system in practically any location allows a set up that optimizes the learning experience with a minimal investment. In fact, the LVEM5 was selected for installation in a mobile van – The Nanoexpress at Howard University – due to the combination of its small size, easy installation and relevance to nanotechnology research.

Research equipment generally plays a major role in education as would-be scientists are exposed to the tools that are used to produce experimental results. When that tool can provide a breadth of results and allows for hands-on use by the students then the investment is maximized.

The nanoexpress clean room
The LVEM5 as a research tool is valuable in providing images at the micron and nano scale in both transmission (TEM) and scanning (SEM & STEM) modes. Furthermore, with some basic training, the system can be operated by students who gain a high level of experience and comfort with the a common tool of scientists – the electron microscope.
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