LVEM 263-231

ELMO Glow Discharge System

TEM carbon support films have a hydrophobic tendency. A glow discharge treatment with air makes the carbon film surface negatively charged and hydrophilic which allows an adsorption of aqueous solutions.

LVEM 239-128

Hydrophilic or hydrophobic, Negative or Positive charge

A Glow Discharge treatment with a specific gas atmosphere will modify the surface properties of TEM support films or grids in order to optimize the adsorption of the solutions to spread.

Viral Capsids Deposited Without Glow Discharge

LVEM Viral Capsids without Glow

Viral Capsids Deposited With Glow Discharge

LVEM Viral Capsids with Glow
Vibration Isolator

Vibration Isolation Platform

The specialy designed BM-8 bench top platform offers 10-100 times better performance than a full size air table in a package only 4.6 inches tall, and without air or electricity!

This vibration isolation platform is extremely easy to use and offers extreme performance. It offers a 1.5 Hz or lower horizontal natural frequency and our signature 0.5 Hz vertical natural frequency. There are only two adjustments.

This is the thinnest, most portable, and most user-friendly isolator ever offered that is capable of delivering this level of performance.They can also be made cleanroom and vacuum compatible.