LVEM 5 installed at Ligandal


Drug Delivery with Biotechnology

Ligandal is setting out to develop curative genetic therapies for the entire hematology and immune-oncology markets, a serious undertaking, but one that they are confident they can pull-off through their bio-inspired engineering. To help fuel the ligand powered nanomedicine delivery system, Ligandal has recently added the LVEM 5 to their research laboratory, which will prove an important component in the imaging of their biologic nanoparticles. These nanoparticles will be entrusted to carry and deliver therapies enabled by TALEN, mRNA, CRISPR, siRNA, DNA, and other future genetic technologies. These highly scalable and customizable nanoparticles have the ability to release their payload in specific compartments of the cell with timed release, all at a fraction of the cost of the orphan drugs used today. The LVEM 5 helps Ligandal image these customizable nanoparticles by providing high-speed and high-contrast results, ensuring that their particles have the proper morphological characterizations. Ligandal is looking to make a large splash in the gene therapy landscape “…opening a frontier of genetically tailored, molecularly precise medicine.” (Watson)   

Explore the LVEM5 here.

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