Cell Biology & Pathology Application Note

We are very excited to announce the posting of a new application note to the Delong America Website. Dr. Moïse Bendayan has taken the time to discuss how the LVEM5 has helped him in many areas of his research. The application note is now posted in the Library Section of the website.


The LVEM5 in cell biology and pathology can be particularly useful both in routine microscopy and in research. The LVEM5 carries a great potential for advancing our comprehension of cellular structures and of their composition and organization.

To read more and to see more images please head over to the Library Section of our website and download the application note. Download it here.

Professor Benadayan of Pathology and Cell Biology Dr. Moïse Bendayan
Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology
Département de Pathologie et Biologie Cellulaire
Université de Montréal
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