LVEM5 Installed at Nanominerals Corporation

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LVEM5 Mining the Nanominerals

Nanominerals has brought in the LVEM5 to join them in their new nanomineral deposits mining venture. Nanominerals is hoping to use their new intellectual property to locate, identify and extract precious metals from nanomineral deposits, wherein the LVEM5 will then help in the identification of precious metals within these deposits.

Together, the compact nature of the LVEM5 microscope, along with its no-fuss, no special facility requirements for installation, allow the LVEM5 to be easily transported to the mining site where it is most needed to determine important nanomineral characteristics.

For more on the LVEM5, click here.

For more on Nanominerals mining goals, take a look at the NMC slideshare.

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