Benchtop TEM NEWS & EVENTS 1

Plastic and other pollution in our oceans is of growing societal awareness. As these products break down due to sun exposure and weathering, they can release smaller pieces appropriately called microplastics and nanoplastics.
2 April 2020
A recent article in the Journal of Chemical Education provides an engaging educational laboratory exercise based on the formation of carbon nanoparticles from lactose and baking soda
5 March 2020
Delong America is proud to be exhibiting the LVEM5 low voltage microscope at the MRS 2018 fall meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.
24 April 2018
Delong America will be in Cancun, Mexico for the XXVII International Materials Research Congress 2018 to showcase the LVEM5 and LVEM25 microscopes.
24 April 2018
Delong America will be in the exhibition hall at the ACS fall meeting 2018, ready to answer any questions regarding low voltage electron microscopy.
24 April 2018
Delong's friendly staff will be at ICANM 2018 to answer any questions about the LVEM5 in regards to nanomaterial research. See you there.
11 April 2018
Ligandal is now applying the use of the LVEM 5 towards their important research in delivery systems regarding gene therapy.
27 March 2018
We are ready to answer all of your questions regarding the compact and Powerful LVEM 25 at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA from July 15 - 19, 2018. Stop by to see us.
27 March 2018
27 March 2018
Nanogels are gaining momentum in the field of pharmaceuticals due to their characteristic ability to carry important molecules like drugs, biomolecules and imaging agents with a high degree of reliability. Read on to find out more...
21 November 2017