11 April 2018 25kV Pathology
The LVEM 25 is now imaging in the department of anatomic pathology at the Geisinger Medical Center.
27 March 2018
Want to know more about the LVEM 25 and what its capable of? Stop by our booth at the Viking Hotel in Newport, RI June 24 - 29, 2018.
27 March 2018
27 March 2018
Delong America is proud to be exhibiting the LVEM25 at the 107th annual USCAP meeting in Vancouver BC. The LVEM25 will be on display for three days (March 19 - 21) at Booth #825. Live demonstrations will be held daily.
14 December 2017
The division of chemistry at Franklin & Marshall College now have the added power of the LVEM25 to aid them in their research involving photovoltaics.
2 January 2018
Roche Diagnostics GmbH are using their newly installed LVEM25 system to help bring new medical care products to market.
19 December 2017
A new video has been uploaded to our Videos page of an interview with Microscopy & Analysis at the M&M2015 meeting discussing the new LVEM25 Compact TEM
5 April 2017