October 2013

LVEM5 Nanotechnology Suite installed at Aramco Services Company

A nanotechnology suite, anchored by the LVEM5 electron microscopy imaging system, has been installed at the Aramco Services Company research laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The high resolution imaging capabilities of the TEM BOOST equipped LVEM5 will give the team the much needed detail when imaging a wide array of nano-scale material to be used in both up-stream and down-stream processes. In addition to rapid high throughput imaging, the LVEM5 is capable of imaging in TEM, SEM and STEM modes, adding to the versatility the researchers will have available to them.
Included in the nanotechnology suite was a BM-8 bench top platform from MinusK Technologies. The BM-8 is the thinnest, most portable, and most user-friendly isolator ever offered that is capable of delivering performance 10-100 times better than a full size air table.

Also included was an ELMO glow discharge system from Cordouan Technologies. The ELMO system features quick and easy loading of films or grids as well as intuitive operation with manual or programmed mode. It is capable of multiple glow discharge methods to prepare hydrophilic or hydrophobic grids.

Rounding out the suite was a Vacu Prep II system from SPI Supplies. The Vacu Prep II is a fast, clean, high vacuum bench top evaporator with simple automated operation for evaporation or sputtering. It utilizes solid state electronics to control the pump down, evaporation and venting sequences. Safe, reliable and easy to maintain, the Vacu Prep II can be used for routine carbon coating or the evaporation of various metals and materials. The interactive touch pad screen allows easy control of all systems. No need to remember if you opened or closed a valve, the screen allows you to monitor and run the system manually, or runs automatically to achieve the desired vacuum.

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This is the thinnest, most portable, and most user-friendly isolator ever offered that is capable of delivering this level of performance.
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