May 2013

LVEM5 installed at University of Prince Edward Island - Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department at the University of Prince Edward Island has selected the LVEM5 tabletop electron microscope to be added to their research instrumentation. The high resolution imaging capabilities of the LVEM5 will allow for detailed imaging of their various study materials. The LVEM5 is capable of imaging in TEM, SEM and STEM modes.  The group hopes to leverage this wide flexibility to help advance their diversified research.



The microscope was installed in Dr. Bissessur’s lab. Dr. Bissessur’s research includes the development of nanocomposites for use in lithium rechargeable batteries like those found in cell phones. He also studies the use of specific types of nanocomposites to help remove sulfur from petroleum products which would lead to lower processing costs and reduce sulfur oxide emissions into the environment. One other aspect of his research program is to synthesize novel intercalation compounds of solid polymer electrolytes. 

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University of Prince Edward Island - Rabin Bissessur

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