December 2015

LVEM5 installed at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

The Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute has selected the LVEM5 Benchtop electron microscope to add to its research instrumentation.

The mission of TIRI is to promote the development of small and medium sized enterprises through industrial technology, and thus to contribute the quality of life in Tokyo. TIRI's high-quality flexible management and assistance meet industrial needs and provide reassurance to our customers.

The LVEM5 is the only desktop TEM on the market. The LVEM5 is capable of 1.2nm resolution in TEM mode and 3nm in SEM mode. The LVEM5 is also capable of preforming electron diffraction.

The ability of a single instrument to undertake multiple imaging modes can’t be understated. The consolidation of TEM, ED, SEM and STEM is logical as each depends on the same electron beam to produce results. However, the integration of the modes requires demanding mechanical, optical and vacuum properties that are uniquely built into the LVEM5 design.

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