LVEM5 - Features

In this section, the feature set of the LVEM will be discussed with an emphasis on the multiple imaging modes, the unique benchtop architecture and the cost advantages of the system.

The ability of a single instrument to undertake multiple imaging modes can’t be understated. The consolidation of TEM, ED, SEM and STEM is logical as each depends on the same electron beam to produce results. However, the integration of the modes requires demanding mechanical, optical and vacuum properties that are uniquely built into the LVEM5 design.

The architecture allows the system to be installed practically anywhere, literally. Most recently the LVEM5 has been incorporated into a lab-in-a-van, in the standard system design (i.e.; no customization was required). In every case the system takes up minimal room and resources.

The economical value of the LVEM5 is equally impressive. 'More instrument for less budget' is an equation that’s hard to beat.

LVEM5 example setup LVEM5 example setup LVEM5 example setup
LVEM5 Product Tour

The LVEM5 is the next generation of electron microscopes, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience.