TEM Transmission Electron Microscope

TEM BOOST - Enhanced Imaging Module

TEM BOOST is a hardware-based enhancement of TEM imaging mode that provides increased total magnification and higher resolving power in the TEM images.

Enhanced image quality throughout the entire TEM magnification range, coupled with a much wider range of magnifications makes this optional upgrade a significant improvement over the already powerful base model.

The magnification range is improved to 1,400-700,000 times. Combined with an improved resolving power of 1.2nm, this yields a TEM image resolution of 0.18nm/pixel at maximum magnification.

On LVEM5 systems equipped with TEM BOOST, the camera is upgrade to the Zyla 5.5 Scientific CMOS camera from Andor . This camera features a high speed and high sensitivity sensor in a light and compact TE cooled design. This ultrasensitive sCMOS camera offers an unparalleled 1.2 electron typical read noise floor, achievable at 30 fps, representing a 10-fold reduction in image noise for the same capture time.

For nanoparticle analysis this means significantly improved size and shape measurements of objects in the 2-10nm range. For thin sections this means larger field of view and enhanced image quality throughout the full range of magnifications. Many other application areas will benefit from this improvement.

Sample Images

  • BNNT1.jpg
  • BNNT2.jpg
  • Latex1.jpg
  • Latex2.jpg
  • MIC_000037-2.jpg
  • MIC_000045-2.jpg
  • MIC_000023-2.jpg
  • MIC_000007-2.jpg
  • MIC_000006-2.jpg
  • MIC_000001-2.jpg

LVEM5 Product Tour

The LVEM5 is the next generation of electron microscopes, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience.

Key Application areas
Nanoparticle characterization
Polymer Sciences

Key Specifications
Operation Voltage 5kV
Resolution: Base Model
           With TEM BOOST  
2 nm
1.2 nm
Final Image Resolution: Base Model
           With TEM BOOST 
0.65 nm/pixel
Magnification Range: Base Model
           With TEM BOOST
2,200x - 230,000x
1,400x - 700,000x
Image Capture: Base Model
           With TEM BOOST
CCD Camera
Scientifc CMOS Camera (10x lower nosie)
Max Image Capture size: Base Model
           With TEM BOOST
Electron Source Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Motorized stage  Yes