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Imaging with a transmission electron microscope (TEM) involves the penetration of the electron beam through thin sample sections.

It is in this mode that the enhanced native contrast advantage of the LVEM25 is most pronounced. In transmission electron microscopy a high-magnification image is obtained as the electrons of the incident beam travels through, and are differentially scattered by the atoms comprising a tiny area of the sample, then guided through electron-optical path and converted to light-optical image by appropriate detector (scintillator and camera). Typical samples for TEM analysis for TEM analysis are ultra-thin sections of bulk materials, or nano-sized particles or filaments deposited onto a thin film.

The LVEM25 is our top of the line offering and is the only low voltage transmission electron microscope designed to operate at 25kV. This is well below typical accelerating voltage of traditional EM (80-200kV), resulting in increased electron scattering which in turn leads to greater contrast in the TEM image.

The LVEM25 is able to work with conventionally prepared thin sectioned materials at approximately 200nm thicknesses.

Benefits of improved contrast

  • Improved contrast - Lower threshold for density differences
  • Visualize samples that cannot be resolved by high kV methods without the use of heavy metal stains
  • Avoid artifacts : non-existing structures brought about by stains

The LVEM25 is the next generation of low voltage electron microscopes, built on the revolutionary technology platform of the LVEM5 that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience. Final image resolution is more than twice better on the LVEM25 as compared to an LVEM5 equipped with TEM-BOOST (0.07 vs 0.18 nm/pix)

Key Application areas
Nanoparticle characterization
Polymer Sciences

Due to ultra-high contrast, and image generation brought by a bright and highly coherent electron beam, notable improvements are observed in the quality of the TEM results. In particular, samples that would normally need to be prepared with contrast improving stains would be able to forgo this step for imaging on the LVEM5.

The LVEM microscopes are the only transmission electron microscopes available in a benchtop configuration. The LVEM25’s miniature size means that it can be installed in your workspace, right where you need it. The LVEM25 does not require a dedicated facility for installation. No special power or cooling requirements are needed and vibration isolation is generally not a concern.

Key Specifications
Operation Voltage 25kV
Resolution 1.0 nm
Final image resolution 0.07 nm/pixel
Magnification range
(nominal image 3¼ x 4”)
1,127x – 430,743x
Max Image Capture size 2560x2160
Electron Source Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Motorized stage Standard (x, y, z axis)
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The LVEM25 is the newest and most powerful benchtop Low Voltage Electron Microscope built on an enhanced technology platform and designed to work with conventionally prepared materials.