ED Electron Diffraction

Electron Diffraction patterns in LVEM25 can be obtained on thin samples of crystalline or partially crystalline materials (ceramics, metal or polymers). Polycrystalline areas generate ring diffraction patterns, while single crystals or highly textured thin films produce dot patterns.

Configuration of the patterns (distance between the rings or dots and relative intensity of the individual rings) is characteristic for particular crystal phases which may be found in the analyzed materials.

Diffraction mode in LVEM5 is easily accessible from TEM mode and acquired patterns can be attributed to particular areas or features (grains, particles, phases) present in the sample. Subsequent analysis of acquired diffraction patterns can provide information on crystal structure, degree of crystallinity and phase composition of the sample

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The LVEM25 is the newest and most powerful benchtop Low Voltage Electron Microscope built on an enhanced technology platform and designed to work with conventionally prepared materials.