Compare the LVEM Microscopes

Evaluating your options is an important step in any equipment acquisition process. We've tried to make it easy for you here to see that the LVEM systems hold their own - and then some - when compared to classical electron microscopes.

Compare the size, cost, mode availability, specifications and more right here and if you need any more information you can contact us directly.

Compare sizes
Compare Contrast

These two composite images compare classical TEM results on the left with LVEM5 results on the right.

microtubules comparison of Malaria compare
LVEM5 sample courtesy of Dr. David Elliot, The University of Arizona

In the malaria schizont image on the left, the nuclei membranes (yellow arrow) are weakly contrasted but very clearly defined in the LVEM5 image on the right. Furthermore, developing merozoites (red arrow) are also clearly seen in the LVEM5 image but are barely discernable under classical TEM imaging. The LVEM5 results are unstained.

Images courtesy of Dr. David Martin, Larry Drummy et al., The University of Michigan

In these images results of imaging of microtubules are compared. The classical TEM samples on the left are stained, whereas the LVEM5 results are unstained. The LVEM5 results provide a true image of the electron density or mass-thickness of the microtubules.

Compare Cost

LVEM technology is much more affordable than classical electron microscopes. At about 20% of the cost of a base model classical electron microscope (EM), the LVEM is the only budget-friendly route to electron optical imaging. Plus, there are no peripheral costs like those demanded by big EMs; the LVEM requires no cooling water, no anti-vibrations mechanisms, no field cancellation equipment and no special electronics – it plugs into standard electrical outlets. The fact that it fits on a desktop eliminates dedicated rooms and the need for costly renovations.

High performance electron microscopy has never been more affordable. Please contact us for a quotation and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

LVEM Systems Comparison
 LVEM 5LVEM 25Conventional TEM
Operating Modes TEM, STEM, SEM, ED TEM, STEM, ED TEM
Contrast with Unstained Samples High High Low
Operating Voltage 5kv 10, 15, 25kv 80-300kv
Electron Source Field Emission Gun (FEG) Field Emission Gun (FEG) Tungsten or FEG
TEM resolution Base - 2nm
   Boost - 1.2nm
1.0nm Less than 2nm
Final TEM Image Resolution Base - 0.65nm/pixel
   Boost - 0.18nm/pixel
Location Desktop, lab bench Desktop, lab bench, mobile cart Dedicated room
Electrical Standard plug Standard plug Dedicated HV source
Cooling Water No cooling water used No cooling water used Water required : 0.2-0.6 Mpa
Compressed Air No compressed air used No compressed air used Compressed air required: '4-6 Atm
Airlock Pump Down 3 minutes
  (miniature column)
3 minutes
  (miniature column)
  (column size dependant)
Weight 50 lbs 200 lbs 1,609 lbs
Size 2 ft by 2 ft 3 ft by 2 ft 7 ft by 8 ft
Straightforward Straightforward Complex
  Whole-group use Whole-group use Dedicated operator
  Student friendly Student friendly  
Suitable Samples
Nanoparticles Nanoparticles Nanoparticles
  Unstained polymer sections Stained biological sections Stained biological sections
  Unstained biological sections Stained polymer sections Stained polymer sections
  Powders Unstained polymer sections Nanotubes
  Fibers Unstained biological sections  
  Nanotubes Powders  
  Bulk materials Fibers  
  Phages Nanotubes  
  Viruses Bulk materials  
Section Thickness
20 - 50 nm. TEM 80+ nm. TEM 80+ nm TEM
  20 - 80 nm. STEM 80+ nm. STEM 80+ nm. STEM
Sample in vacuum Yes Yes Yes
Cost Benchtop price Benchtop price $500,000 - 2,000,000+
 LVEM 5Benchtop SEM
Operating Modes TEM, STEM, SEM, ED SEM only
Sample Coating Beneficial Beneficial
  but not required but not required
Operating Voltage 5kv 1-30kv
Electron Source Field Emission gun (FEG) Tugsten filament
Location Desktop, lab bench Desktop, lab bench
SEM Resolution 3 nm Not under 100nm
Suitable samples Nanoparticles Bulk materials
  Unstained polymer sections Fibers
  Unstained biological sections Powders
  Bulk materials  
Sample in vacuum Yes Model dependant
Cost Benchtop price Benchtop price