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The Delong Group of Companies operates in the high tech, engineering design, manufacturing and sales sectors and spans 2 continents with operations in Europe and North America.

Our facilities in Brno, Czech Republic are specialized in the design and manufacturing of precision components, electron optics and vacuum technologies. Our new building is equipped with the latest in design and precision manufacturing innovations.

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Delong Solutions

From design through production, the clever LVEM5 architecture draws upon the highest degree of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

quality 1 - vacuum component Ion Pump quality 3 quality 4
The technology – developed solely by Delong – is the result of years of development and design efforts by a dedicated group of mechanical, engineering and electron optical experts. The result is an only-in-class multimode benchtop electron microscope that is characterized by high quality hardware and software features, dependable manufacturing and an intuitive, flawless user experience. The engineering supremacy of the Czech Republic is legendary and Brno is the heart of engineering in the Czech Republic. All LVEM5 engineering, assembly and quality control is done in Brno, and our service department is trained to address whatever issue you may encounter, no matter where you are. Extensive quality control testing is done so that you can rest assured that the research equipment you are investing in meets your highest expectations. All this is done so that you can rest assured that the research equipment you are investing in meets all your expectations.