Low-Voltage Electron Microscopy

See what your samples really look like, without staining,
quickly and easily from your benchtop.


  • Entry level pricing
  • Ideal for nanomaterials analysis
  • Multiple modes
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LVEM5 Product Tour

The LVEM5 is the first Low Voltage Electron Microscope, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced multi-mode imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience.

LVEM5 Applications


  • Most powerful benchtop TEM
  • Ideal for biological and
    polymer sciences
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LVEM25 Product Tour

RD100 2015Finalist LogoThe LVEM25 is the newest and most powerful benchtop Low Voltage Electron Microscope, built on an enhanced technology platform and designed to work with conventionally prepared materials.

LVEM25 Applications

Institutions who trust LVEM for their research works

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Welcome to the home of
Low Voltage Electron Microscopy (LVEM)

Delong is proud to be the world leader in benchtop Low Voltage Electron Microscopes (LVEM) and the only company offering Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) in a benchtop format.

The LVEM5 and LVEM25 have an architecture that departs from traditional models. The benchtop design alone is a significant architecture & footprint departure from classical TEM design. This means that the LVEM5 can be installed in a lab, on a desktop or benchtop; almost anywhere electron imaging is needed. The LVEM5 and LVEM25 are so remarkably simple that anyone can use them. The uniquely-designed Schottky type field emission guns employed by the LVEM5 and LVEM25 have very high brightness and spatial coherency and allow each system to have resolutions in the nanometer range.


The LVEM25 is the most powerful desktop electron microscope. The LVEM25’s variable voltage (10-25kV) imaging capabilities make it a true competitor to a full sized TEM. The LVEM25 is able to work with biological and polymer thin sections that are prepared by standard procedures for conventional TEM.


The LVEM5 is a proven Benchtop Electron Microscope and is the smallest multi-mode desktop electron microscope available. The LVEM5 is a 4-in-1 electron microscope capable of TEM, SEM, STEM and ED. The high resolution and rapid analysis capabilities of the LVEM5 makes it the ideal choice for nano-materials research.

Delong continues to explore the benefits of low voltage-high contrast imaging in both material science and life science applications. This, combined with the small size and ease of use of our instruments is certainly the reason that benchtop electron microscopes from Delong are poised to propel your research to new levels of excellence.